Performed various EVENTS and PARTIES (From 5 to 30 minutes per set) 

Performed at hotels, on the cruise ships, at corporate gatherings, school functions, shopping malls, sports stadiums, school festivals.
We have received great response..
I always attract and please audiences without fail regardless of age and sex background.

Wedding Parties go from 5 to 20 minutes.

Either during ceremony or after, at reception parties.
There is no doubt that the surprise appearance will also be exciting, and the show can include special focus on people who contributed to the success of the wedding, with original cocktails.

Catering cocktail · consider a business trip bartender for your unique enterprise. (Consultation required such as business hours and cocktail number and style of drinks.)

A professional business trip bartender behaves like an original cocktail chef to guests in a top-notch atmosphere. Premium time and space by professional service for that day ensures guest satisfaction.

Lecturer · School · Productions  (For educational purpose, act as necessary consultation professional to assist your planning and presentations.)

This is aimed at corporations, schools, hotels and individual business owners. Seminar, workshops, lectures meetings, and those interested in talent and acting guidance. We receive many unusual requests, and we respond to every request.

Media appearance

Appearances such as TV / CM · WEB · PV · Movie / Stage · Radio · Newspaper / Magazine · etc., coverage etc. are accepted.

Model · Writer service

Bartending model, advertisement promotion, Beverage books, web publications, magazines and other articles posting.

Promotion / Produce business

We can also do product promotion and production. Product development and marketing that displays your unique achievements and qualifications.

Casting business

Depending on experience and personal connections, it is also possible to arrange Japan's top professional bartender / professional flare bartender all over the country.


I will make all your evening entertainment wishes "come to life". Please do not hesitate to contact us.



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